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EE836DE eLEDing store for low price

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Product Features

  • Pure digital Sol-Power lighting engine, model EE836DE is built with 36 Super-bright LED’s, the equivalent of a 40W incandescent lamp!
  • The “SMART” mode is a Smart “ON” Setting that provides remarkable illuminating performance, enhanced user friendly functionality and outstanding ability for overcoming poor low sunlight seasonal weather conditions with advanced eLEDing technology
  • “Dusk-to-Dawn” capability creates a unique “Soft Glow” profile to maintain its “Pure-White” style illumination throughout the evening with exclusive dynamic stored energy compensation as part of SMART PROFILE
  • The Li-Polymer battery is the most environmentally friendly, much reliable, lightest, highest energy density and non-toxic battery: This Lithium-battery works under our Intelligent Power Management (IPM) as a software based energy saving process, and together with a 3W solar panel it provides reliable outstanding green energy illumination
  • Easy DIY installation in minutes, the coverage and direction of ePIR motion sensing and illumination are easily adjustable, built-in emergency (EMG) and table reading lighting modes being selectable functions. Operation Temperature Range: -4°F(-20°C) to +125°F(52°C), Weatherproofed (IP54), PC Plastic offering rugged durability and excellent UV protection. Innovative selectable light dimming mode for indoor illumination lighting is also an option
  • Invented and Developed, Designed and Engineered, QC’d in the USA


Product Description

Solar lights by EESGI are a leap forward from other market competitors:

  1. Remarkable brightness level with pure-white light from 36 LED’s with wide coverage soft illumination quality
  2. Our “Smart” control is unique with exclusive IPM. It is the only consumer solar light capable of truly SMART- dynamic battery compensation profile (Smart continuous illumination VS.  Competing products with very short motion triggered light up times that range from only 10-30sec. e.g.). The lithium battery is much smaller in size & lighter with higher energy density VS outdated type solar lights yet it provides higher capacity for extendable all night long continuous illumination up to 40+HRS!
  3. The unique “SMART” Dusk to Dawn profile not only provides extendable illumination but also it is programmed to auto-gradually dim down to “Moonlight” as saving mode then run up to max intensity of brightness upon detecting human movement. This profile helps maintain a friendly night environment with reasonable brightness level throughout the evening without disturbing your neighbors and provides max security & safety protection capabilities for your property during darkness
  4. Optimized 3W solar panel that provides high reliability in overcoming any environmentally difficult installations such as continual high humidity, salty seaside weather, and very dry high temperatures with constant high levels of UV sunlight exposure
  5. Long-Life, rugged and durable construction with higher UV protection, light body weight made of Polycarbonates-PC Plastic built body, (PC Plastic is a very durability material with high UV resistance and has high impact-resistance for outdoor application VS. other plastics such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) which are weak materials for outdoors)
  6. ePIR (patented pure digital passive Infrared detector) advanced digital sensing technology for motion detection with an adjustability feature to control the motion Sensitivity Setting (up to 60′ x 60′ x 180 degrees)
  7. Utilizes Li-Poly which is a lithium-based and advanced technology battery that has extended life cycles  has 10 times better durability than Lead acid based batteries (AGM, Gel and SLA or NiCad e.g.), and it is environmentally friendly
  8. eLEDing by EESGI offers “Smart” lighting technology that conforms to all your hybrid lighting needs, maintains a Net-GREEN standard and can be used either limited or without the availability of an AC power source. The built-in dimming mode with the Dusk to Dawn lighting feature is a benefit that allows the solar light to be very versatile and it can be used for Commercial, Residential, and Building Illumination applications as well as Flood & Spot Lights, portable, reading, working, Emergency Back-Up Lights and many other possibilities
With its effortless setup and ultra-compact nature, eLEDing conforms to all your hybrid lighting needs-all while maintaining a Net-GREEN standard for all your illuminations there without or limited AC power source, and as emergency back-up lights.


Product Information


Technical Details

Coverage: Up to 180° Sensing Angle Motion Detecting Range(adj.): 180°, up to 60’x60’ (L-15’,M-30’,H-60’)
Light Head: Ultra bright 36 LED (Pure White) Energy Storage: 23 WH LiFePO4 battery
Solar Panel: 12VDC/3W Monocrystalline (with 10′ cable) Continuous Illumination: 60 Hours w/IPM*
Weight: 1.1 LBs (Light body only) Illumination Time: *Continuous up to 40+Hrs w/IPM profile
Peak Brightness: Equivalent 40W standard lamp (on peak) Complies with: FCC Part 15 Class B and ICES-003:2004
*Continuous diming illumination/Dusk to Dawn capability claims under fully charged battery and no motion triggered condition
COLOR: Withe
One year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase.


EE836DE User Tips


Application Reference

EE836 Series, Green Energy, Low Power LED LIght

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